Monday, August 9, 2010

Give a universal gift - name a star

Name a star

For someone you care about, naming a star for them is one of the most special gifts you can give. Now you can register the name of your choice and be sent a gift package by simply ordering online. Whether you need a gift for a birth, anniversay, birthday, wedding or other special occasion, your loved one will be impressed with their very own star.

Online Star Registry offers a choice of three Name a star packages. All purchases include The Star Kit - a certificate of registration for your star name, a star map showing the co-ordinates and location of the star and the Book of Stars which contains detailed color photos of various star clusters taken with the Hubble Space Telescope.

The standard package for only $79 includes one star name, one certificate, one star map and one book of stars. The zodiac star package is the same as the standard with the additional bonus of being able to choose the constellation your star comes from, so it is customized to any zodiac sign. The Twin Star option includes one star name with two certificates, two star maps and two book of stars. This would make a fantasic wedding present.

Whether it is Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas or a Christening you need to buy for, Online Star Registry can help you honor your loved-one. Ordering is simple and your items will be delivered.

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